Shoulder Sashes [which are sometimes also referred to as Body Sashes] are available in Single-Colour Sashes; Bi-Colour Sashes or Tri-Colour Sashes. The normal length is 1.80m for Adults; however this can be modified for Junior Riders. Shoulder Sashes are also a great idea for Handler Classes.

Any Sash can be a Shoulder Sash if you wish; just choose that option when placing your Order so the length of Sash and placement of text can be designed accordingly. Shoulder Sashes can be fringed or plain with no trim.

JUST RIBBONS suggest the use of a Sash Pin for the purpose of joining the Shoulder Sash across the hip. These are available when you place your Order. Or you can request the style where the Sash is joined and fringed at the hip [check the images in the Gallery below to help you decide which option will work best for you].

Shoulder Sashes are also a great idea – for Special Awards; Hens’ Nights; School Formals; Deb Balls and any other occasion you think would be a nice touch to have one.

Call us on 0457 070 828 to discuss your ideas or ask us to help you with your order. All Sashes are available in any colour combinations with print colour & fringing of your choice.

Click on an image to enlarge. [NB colours may vary slightly from screen shots]